Around September of fall semester, Sigma Alpha at UGA hosts a week-long rush recruitment period. During this time, we invite all women who are interested in joining our organization to take part. Each evening of rush week, special events are planned to introduce active members to membership prospects. These events include information sessions, "ice-breakers," team-building games, formal and informal interviews, and, of course, LOTS of food!

    Following the last night's event, bids will be issued to invite selected rush participants to join Sigma Alpha. These women will become Membership Candidates and participate in the sorority's education program designed by the National Sigma Alpha Organization. During this time, membership candidates will learn about the history and traditions of our organization.

    In keeping with the national requirements, any woman who is a full-time student at UGA and has a genuine interest in agriculture is welcome to participate in our Rush Week. All members must maintain at least a 2.25 cumulative GPA.

    We would love to have you and your friends join us during our upcoming Rush! Please make every attempt to consider us in the fall since we may not have a Rush in the spring! Remember, you don't have to be an Agriculture major to join Sigma Alpha, just have a sincere interest in Agriculture, Leadership, Scholarship, Fellowship, and Sisterhood. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding Sigma Alpha, please get in contact with us!

    After receiving a bid, the new membership candidates complete a 9-week process before being inducted into the Sigma Alpha Sorority. During this time, the membership candidates learn about the history of Sigma Alpha and complete activities that will help them to better understand the functions of the chapter.